Cycle Shade Line at K and G Cycles

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We’re so excited about the Cycle Shade line! K and G Cycles is the only online retailer with access to the full line! The Cycle Shade line adds years to the life of your bags, seats, and gauges. Cycle Shade keeps it cool, and looks cool! Rolls up small to fit in its own Cycle Shade bag. Made from quality materials. There is no cool down period for mounting the Cycle Shade. Cycle Shade products are made with high quality polyester. They are water resistant and provide protection from the heat of the sun. The shade attaches to your bike with high quality bungy material and polyester thread for longer lasting protection. They even include reinforced mount with rubber wrap to avoid scratching. Put helmets out of sight and out of the sun with Cycle Shade. It even detours people and kids from sitting on your bike! Rolls up small to fit in it’s own compartment. Fastest shade on and fastest shade off! To view a video of the Cycle Shade going on a bike, click on any of the pictures below!

For $44.95, you can protect your seat from dust, rain, sap, birds and stop it from being baked by the sun when parked.

Cycle Shade for Gold Wing seat and gauge, $115.95.

Cycle Shade for Gold Wing and Victory Cross Country Motorcycles, $116.95.

Cycle Shade Cover for Victory Motorcycles, $116.95.

Cycle Shade for a Spider Motorcycle with a tour pack, $90.95.

These covers are machine washable as well. This is a quick and easy way to protect your bike from dust and dirt in the garage. Personalization and custom designs are available! We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and give us your opinion. If you already own a Cycle Shade, take a picture and we’ll feature it in a future post!