Cycle Source Magazine – Coming to you Live or Online

Cycle-Source-Print-Only1The upcoming generation is a different breed, more like the traditional bikers of the 70’s. With that being said, their bike is as much about function as it is form. K and G Cycles ( also believes that over the next decade, Cycle Source Magazine will be the publication they turn to for information on their life-style; the new, the different, as well as the basic facts about motorcycling. The good people at Cycle Source have learned through 12 years of developing their publication that there are no short cuts into the world of motorcycling. The men and women who make up the business owners and major players of this industry are lifetime members in an elite fraternity. Simply throwing money around is rarely as fruitful as long hard work and that’s what they set out to do every month with every copy published. They don’t phone in their articles, they go and get them. They believe there is nothing more important than getting the real story and getting it right. Both K and G Cycles and the great folks at Cycle Source Magazine want to find a way to show the younger generation and the older ones from the new crowd that there is more to this than buying a bike and all the gear that goes with it. This thing is a lifetime adventure that you take to find yourself and along the way, if you’re lucky, you may even have a handful of brothers that you can count on. Subscriptions are a available in print or digital versions, or both for your convenience. Call K and G Cycles ( today and order your copy today and get ready to enjoy the next year of Cycle Source Magazine and all the Motorcycling News, Events, and Great Stories it’s gonna bring you.