Dakota Digital makes Customizing Fun Again

   So you are just about finished customizing your ride. You have gone to all the trouble to make it as streamlined as you can, but that silly radio antenna sticks out like a sore thumb. What can you do? Well for starters you cam head over to K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and take a look at the Hidden Electric Antenna by Dakota Digital. This hidden antenna is designed to give you the clean lines you want with your bike.

   From the manufacturers of the infamous Dakota Digital Gauges, comes this slick, powered, hidden AM/FM antenna. It should be no surprise these guys are offering a custom powered antenna that tucks away inside your fairing. This antenna rids your bikes horizon of the tall antenna masts or aerials, highlighting her curves and allowing the real beauty to shine. Some of the key features include:

*Designed tohidden antenna DDANT2000_3227  perform as well as a standard rod antenna with no external rod or aerial

*Can be hidden inside fairings

*Plugs directly into standard antenna jack

*Requires 12VDC

*Sealed against moisture and dirt

*3.5″ x .75″ w/ 3′ cable

*Not designed to receive weather band or CB

*Dakota Digitals legendary quality

   Aside from not being able to intercept CB or Weather Band this antenna has the strength to pull in radio stations with such clarity you wont believe your ears. Installation is pretty straight forward. Remove the outer fairing, disconnect and remove the stock antenna, install the Dakota Digital Electric Antenna, reinstall the outer fairing and you’re done.

   Whether you want to smooth the lines on that touring bike or if you are adding a fairing to your Softtail or Road King a hidden antenna is a great choice. Before you hit the street this Spring, contact the Pros at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and pick one up to complete your ride.