Dare to Be Different with a Brown Lether Motorcycle Jacket

Finding the right jackets to match your attitude, profile, and bike can be an extremely daunting task. Worse yet if you have a partner that rides and wants to have jackets that match yours. Well our resourceful Apparel Buyer here at K and G Cycles (www,kandgcycles.com) has been able to find coordinating Mens and Women’s riding jackets that have style to the 9′s, is packed full of useful features, and offers the awesome protection and durability of leather.

We are proud to showcase The Modern Racer Jackets from Unik Leathers. Shifting away from the Black Side, these distressed brown leather jackets have some great features you won’t want to miss. The Men’s Jackets feature:

brown racer jacket*  Premium cowhide construction – you are purchasing a durable jacket that is going to last you a long time.
*  Wide stripe across the chest on front and sleeves – a decorative touch setting you apart from the crowd.
*  Vents on Front and back – helps keep are moving on those warmer days so you stay cool and dry.
* Two Outside zippered Pockets – gives you plenty of storage options for the little things you need to take with.
* Removal Liner – allows you to wear the jacket through more of the season.

The Ladies Jackets are made of the same great distressed brown leather and delivers the same features as the Men’s. the most noticeable difference you will see is the stripe placement. On the Women’s version, the stripes are not as bold, the stripes run from cuff to shoulder and are narrower. Of course the cut is entirely different for the Women but the leather and hardware are no different.

When it comes time to buy a jacket that is everything you have been looking for, contact the Pros at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com). When you coincidentally need one for your passenger and you need it to match yours, look no further than The Modern Racer Style jacket by Unik Leathers. Quality, durability, and good looks all in one!