Dirty Wheels and Tires? Clean Them Up!

Are you tired of dirty wheels and tires? Does it take forever to clean your wheels and tires with less than stellar results? Your friends at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) have just what you need to simplify that back breaking task.

We have all beewheel rollern there before, trying to get our bike cleaned up for one reason or another, had to roll the bike 6 inches at a time, and end up exhausted before finishing the task. Rollostand has come up with a simple yet effective product that takes the grunt work out of motorcycle detailing with its roll on stand. Held in a Black Billet Aluminum frame with non-skid feet, two rollers allow you to load the bike onto the unit, and with minimal effort, you are able to spin the wheels and clean away. Stability has been ensured due to low roller placement in the frame meaning loading and unloading is a lot easier too. Made for bikes without center stands, this design works great whether it is the front wheels or rear wheels, as well as a wide range of wheel sizes.

So when you want to put an end to the back ache associated with cleaning wheels and tires, invest in a Rollostand and cut your cleaning time in half. Call K and G Cycles (www,kandgcycles.com) today to order this and everything you need to keep that bike standing tall.