Ditch your so called Luggage in favor of the Rally Pack

  Are you tired of duffel bags, back packs, or worse yet garbage bags strapped to the bike to serve as your luggage when you hit the rally?? You are an adult, presumably grown up, and owe it to yourself, your image, and all of us other bikers out there to vow from this day forward, garbage bags are to be used for one thing and one thing only. All of us here at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) have been in your shoes so we aren’t necessarily picking on you, consider it more of an intervention.

dowco rally pack   The Dowco Rally Pack is a useful and affordable option when it comes to motorcycle luggage. The Rally Pack Luggage Systemcombines the Jumbo Pack (17X14.5X10) with Bungee Net and the Roll Bag (9.5X14.5X9.5) with Vinyl Liner into one set. This system works best when used on a bike that has a sissy bar and a luggage rack as they provide vertical and horizontal support keeping the loaded bag off the fender. This will also prevent potential damage. For the solo rider, mount the bag combo on the seat and strap it to the sissy bar and you now have a make shift rider backrest. The Rally Pack is easy to assemble with wrap-a-round web straps that use corrosion-proof buckles. The Bungee Net may also be used with the Roll Bag and the Vinyl Liner and easily attaches to the Jumbo Pack. For added protection, reflective material has been used on rear facing surfaces. For peace of mind, this luggage combo comes with a 2 year manufacture warranty. As always, you want to be aware of weight limitations and how exceeding them can compromise your handling characteristics.

   How cool will it be when they see Pig Pen roll up to the next rally with all his stuff neatly organized in this great looking bag he found at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com). The Dowco Rally Pack, designed to carry your gear effectively, look great, last over the miles, and not cost you the farm.