Do you have Control Envy? Ditch the Stock Cables and upgrade Today!

 Many times this season you saw a lot of bikes with custom controls and it made you think real hard about upgrading yours. K and G Cycles ( is here to get your project rolling and make your dreams a reality. Not much sets off a bike more than custom cables and controls, giving it a clean, finished look. Custom cables come in a wide variety of finishes and depending on the look you are going for, can really change the feel of your bike.

Braided StainleThrottle Cables 36-0825 ss Cables – These cables offer a raw custom look that screams tough. Braided Stainless lines can really capture the edgy, aggressive feel giving a new lean, stance to the bike. Most suppliers today offer cables in stock length, custom length, and build your own kits. High quality kits are available from the top names who don’t scrimp on their end ensuring you the best products available.

Platinum Braidbarnett platinumed Cables – These cables often feature brighter silver plated braids that are clear coated to preserve their look. This process also provides added protection from discoloration from exposure to the sun and the elements. Installing cables in this finish often bring a take notice look to the bikes and can really make certain paints pop, and bring more shine to the chrome you already have.

black throttle cablesBlack Braided Cables – This Jet Black version of custom control cables is sure to make a statement wherever you are. A crystal clear outer jacket ensures a long life with no fade while offering protection from road debris. Black Chrome plated ends bring home the finished look to your ride. So be prepared to have admirers at your next bike night or at the filling station.

So whether your dream is a snarling raw design, a high class polished silver, or a shiny jet black profile, stop by K and G Cycles ( to bring your control issues into check. The helpful staff will make sure you get everything you need to perform an attitude adjustment on your bike and you.