Does your Dog Ride?

Anyone out there in our K and G Gang take their Dog along for the ride? We’d love to know if your pooch is perched on the tank or maybe in the saddlebag or even sidecar?

Check out this story about a Boston Terrier who got caught riding on the tank of his owner’s BMW motorcycle, and was fined!

A Marlboro New Jersey man paid $449 in fines and court costs for riding in the rain with his Boston terrier “Bosco” sitting on a platform behind the windshield.  Gyula Szatmari was originally cited for cruelty to animals, authorities changed the charge to unsafe driving on a deal in which Szatmari agreed to get a special dog carrier for Bosco.

Szatmari was headed home to Tuckerton from his job in Roselle Park on Aug. 24 when he was pulled over in the rain on Route 18 in Marlboro. The 56-year-old was issued citations for careless driving and the improper transportation of an animal.

Szatmari admitted to police in August that he had been riding his bike with his Boston terrier sitting on a platform behind the windshield for years, Monmouth County SPCA Chief Victor “Buddy” Amato told the Asbury Park Press in August.

Amato, who was the first to spot the biker-dog duo and call police, told the Asbury Park Press that Szatmari was warned against transporting the dog this way last year.