Don’t Ride Unprotected Again, Bring Your Firearm with You

When you are traveling on your motorcycle, holstering your side arm can be somewhat uncomfortable. You don’t want to leave your personal protection at home so what do you do? You contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( and have them order you one of the new EZ Carry concealed carry pouch systems from Hopnel. Keeping your side arm handy while comfortably passing the miles has never been easier thanks to this versatile carry pouch.

BBP-H50-111CC_1_Conceal Carry Pouch     Carrying while riding is a choice many of us have decided to make. It can often be uncomfortable, present difficulties when trying to access our weapons, and it can be hard to remove without brandishing. Until now there hasn’t been an easy way to transfer your protection from person to bike and still have it accessible. The new EZ Carry pouch system from Hopnel puts a concealed carry pouch on your motorcycle and allows great access. The Buddy-Lok Tactical Mount makes attachment to the bike mount a snap and with a quick twist you can transfer the entire pouch with the firearm concealed to the included belt holder, without the concern of brandishing. It actually looks like many of our other wearable pouches or nothing more than a fancy cellphone pouch. The EZ Carry pouch measures 6 1/2” x 4 1/2” x 1 1/8” and will accommodate most sub compact pistols such as: Rugers LC9 & LC380, Glocks 42, Sigs P938 & P238, the Colt Mustang and the S & W Shield.

   You shouldn’t have to compromise personal protection when you are out riding your motorcycle. Thanks to the designers over at Hopnel, you no longer have to. the EZ Carry concealed carry pouch system allows you to attach the pouch to your motorcycle and take it with you when you reach your destination. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and see just how easy it is to carry and be comfortable.