Double the Power, Double the Fun

Let’s face it, the Electronics Industry has become a part of our every day lives, and there are no boundaries when it comes to motorcycling. With so many of our mobile devices (Cell Phone, GPS, MP3 players, and more) having USB port charging capabilities it is no surprise the folks at Deltran /Battery Tender have come up with a dual port charging adapter to be used in power ports in a huge range of electronics applications. K and G Cycles is pleased to offer you the Dual Port USB Charger, that will allow you to power/charge more than one or more of your electronics devices while motoring along.

Dual stacked USB charger  from Battery Tender   Part # 10531 The Dual Port USB Charger from Battery Tender is capable of charging 2 Electronics devices at one time with its stacked USB ports, keeping everything at arms reach and within sight. Since most of the electronics produced today offer USB charging cables, you can now run your GPS along with your iPod, and still have a small footprint. Until now we were forced to charge one device, then switch and revive the other, or we could have a secondary charge point leaving cords running everywhere. Those days are gone, and with such great features packaged at such an incredible price you can’t go wrong.

  • Dual port USB car charger – allows you to charge 2 electronic devices at one time
  • INPUT: 12-24V – works in almost any modern power port
  • OUTPUT: 2.1A for iPad / Tablets, and 1A for all cell phones – versatility means you are covered
  • Smart fuse for surge protection – peace of mind and a little insurance means a lot
  • Use existing USB charge / sync cable for charging (not included) – don’t pitch that extra cord, you can keep it with the bike
  Why not reduce dash clutter and increase your charging capacity in one shot? Pick up one of these Battery Tender Dual port USB chargers from K and G Cycles and never worry how you are going to handle more than one electronics device at a time. Since they are priced right, you can afford one for each vehicle, or give one as a gift.