Easy Entry is Possible with Flash2Pass

How many times has this happened to you? You return from a long day in the saddle only to discover that your remote got lost, damaged, or is just inconvenient? You were out on a leisurely day ride with friends, you completed an iron butt ride, or maybe you are returning from a couple weeks of the most enjoyable vacation you’ve ever had. If you store or park your motorcycle in a garage, what is common to all of these trips is that you must exit (open and close your garage door), and re-enter ( and again open and close your garage door), your garage. If you are like most people, opening and closing your garage door from a motorcycle seat, can be complicated. K and G Cycles knows questions like these come to mind: Where is my remote? Where do I store it so it is convenient when needed?  How do I assure that it is not lost or stolen? How do I make sure it is not damaged during the ride? The Answer Flash2Pass

The flash2pass-pkg1remote is a funny little device. You need it when you leave home and you need it when you return home and it doesn’t matter if you have been on a five minute ride or five month ride, you don’t need the remote any other time. You have to manage it in some way and if you don’t, you could lose it or waste it and suddenly it is not available for 50% of the time: i.e., the return home part of the trip. Flash2Pass solves that problem.

As an example: A couple of years ago, I thought I figured out the whole remote storage issue. Here is what actually happened: We planned to take a relaxing hour or so ride, stop and grab dinner, and head home. At the time, I rode a 2008 Buell Ulysses, so I modified a visor mount garage door remote to ride on my handlebars, positioned for easy access and to always be “in sight” and set off. Well, somewhere along the way the clip separated from the remote and all I can say is I was glad I had the house keys with. The last thing you do upon a return trip is open the garage door and park your motorcycle. The last thing you want to do is search for the remote, only to find that it doesn’t work or is gone completely. In this case, the remote was gone so I had to dismount, go in the front door, open the garage door from inside and then bring the bike in. With Flash2Pass, this will no longer be a problem.

The Flash2Pass (Part#TR-218000) is a practical and functional accessory that simplifies your coming and going. Why? Because you never need to go into your garage, push the garage door button, and run to exit without either reversing the direction of the door or having it slam into you on your way out. Now you can be cool. Simply back your motorcycle out of the garage, start it to prepare for your departure, and flip the high beam switch twice. The door will close and you are ready to roll down the highway.


  • Turns your existing headlight hi-beam switch into a transmitter for your automatic garage door opener or gate.
  • Radio frequency works up to approx. 75 feet.
  • Works on most garage door openers manufactured since 1982.
  • No remote transmitter to get lost or stolen.
  • No batteries to replace.
  • Completely weatherproof.
  • Digital rolling code technology for ultimate security.
  • Up to six transmitters may operate a single receiver.
  • Additional receivers may be installed elsewhere and programmed to your Flash2Pass equipped vehicle.
  • Additional transmitters and receivers are sold separately.
  • Approximately 4-5% of garage door openers do not produce enough power to energize the Flash2Pass receiver. Optional A/C power cord available.

Easy Operation:flash2passThe Flash2Pass is made up of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is a radio frequency device that can be mounted in your motorcycle’s fairing, headlight bucket, a glove box, or strapped to the frame with zip ties. It has a relatively small footprint at approximately 2” x 2” x ¾”. The wires are attached with Posi-Tap™ connectors to the headlight high beam positive wire and to the ground wire. The Flash2Pass™ transmitter is non-polarized so you can attach either wire to the headlight wires. The Flash2Pass receiver is designed to replace the push button inside your garage. If you have additional functions on your push button that you would like to keep, the receiver can be installed next to your original push button and “piggybacked” to it.

Simple Installation: After about 15-20 minutes of deciding just where to mount the receiver, it was determined the best place to mount the unit was inside the overhead door opening so that we could stand outside of the door when open and have the option of reaching inside to close the door by pushing the receiver’s button. Installation of the receiver and transmitter took approximately one hour. While the unit can be easily installed by one person, we opted for a crew. I did the majority of the work while my 2 nephews fetched the tools and held the ladder. This part of the process produced about all the fun we could tolerate in the dead of winter!

The receiver was hardwired to the power unit by running a wire from the power unit along the ceiling and wall to the mounting plate, located on the wall just inside the overhead door. There are two wires to connect to the terminals – either wire to either terminal. Once wires are connected, snap the front of the receiver to its back plate. When power is restored, an LED light will blink indicating the receiver is activated. The transmitter was installed in the fairing of my Harley-Davidson FLHTC Electra Glide Classic. We removed the fairing to mount, with two zip ties, the transmitter to the exterior of the radio, eliminating any possibility of bouncing during travel.

Again there were twg door operationo wires to connect to the headlight high beam harness, a 3 wire connector located behind the headlight. All you have to do is unplug the headlight and note that the connector has one horizontal and two vertical slots. You will connect the transmitter to the wires going to the two vertical slots. Use the Posi-Tap connectors, included with your Flash2Pass, to attach the transmitter to the two headlight wires. Re-install everything (making sure you have no “spare parts”) and you should be good to go.

Great Value: I have been using the Flash2Pass for several months. It works every time and there is no need to search for the remote when moving from or returning to the garage with my motorcycle. It is convenient and practical! Coming in at an affordable price of $79.95, motorcycle can enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable door opening system. The Flash2Pass is covered by a Limited Warranty (covers all parts for a period of one year from the date of purchase), that is fully transferable provided the original owner furnishes proof of purchase from an authorized Flash2Pass dealer.

The Flash2Pass is an electronic device designed to open and close an overhead garage door from the seat of your motorcycle. It integrates the process of opening and closing the garage door into your motorcycle’s existing capacity. K and G Cycles thinks the Flash2Pass is an ingenious invention no biker should be without! Call us today to get yours – 1-888-50K-ANDG (888-505-2634).