Easy Security for your Helmet

How many times have you wondered, “Isn’t there an easier way to hang my helmet on the rear of my Gold Wing? Let’s face it, the helmet locks are so tight to work, it’s almost worth not using them. The good crew at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has experienced this too, and is pleased to offer you a solution that eases your frustration, the Dual Cruis Wing Helmet Lock extensions.

BBP-52-645-01-helmet-hanger, eases the work involved with using stock helmet hanger.Never again have to worry about fumbling with with your bucket to secure it to the hangers on the back, and also have to worry about scratching the bike in the process. These extensions allow you to secure the helmet through its strap ring onto the GL’s locking device. At 1-3/8″ wide, these extensions can easily accommodate the oversized “D” and “H” rings found on today’s helmets. Because they allow you room between the helmet and lock arm, it makes hanging them up a whole lot easier.

BBP-52-746-01 gold wing scuff pads keep your ride free  of scars.Now that you have simplified the way you hang your helmets, why not take that little extra precaution and add some stylish scuff resistance to your Wing. Just as sure as the wind blow, it or someone will knock your helmet into your bike, and leave a nice reminder for you. There is now a way to prevent that and add a bit of style to your ride in the process with these soft carbon fiber look scuff pads.┬áThese unique pads help protect saddlebags from helmet scratches with the popular soft carbon fiber look. Measuring 6-1/2″L and 3-1/2″W at the top and 1-1/2″W at the bottom, these durable pads protect a substantial area without interfering with your storage options. Best of all, these scuff pads attach with double sided tape that is provided.

We all know we tend to be more critically detail oriented with our motorcycles, and when we are given an opportunity to improve upon a stock feature, we often will. These great helmet hanger extenders and scuff pads give us just that, by making them easier to hang, and keep the bike from receiving unwanted scars. Pick them both up at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) today, and see how much easier stowing your helmet can be.