eCaddy mounts virtually any electronic device to your bike.

In today’s world of “Do it all” electronic devices, it seems there is a need to be able to mount them on your motorcycle. Whether you want to add a GPS that doubles an an XM Satellite Radio receiver, an XM unit that also houses an MP3 player,  or a Smart Phone that does it all, it was a chore to do before. Do you want to video tape your next ride on that killer stretch of road? eCaddy Motorcycle Mounts, available at K and G Cycles ( simplify that process with electronic specific mounts designed to make life a little easier.

one of the many electronincs mounts available from eCaddy on sale at K and G Cycles eCaddy makes electronic device mounts for Cell Phones, GPS’s, Satellite Radio’s, Motorcycle Cameras, and Drink Holders too, giving you a secure way to mount whatever it is you desire within reach and in style. Most mounts are available in Chrome or Black to suit your taste, and often employ interchangeable ball mount heads so you can use the same stationary mount and merely change the head. For the most part, all you have to do is select the device you want to mount, and choose where you want to mount it. It couldn’t be any more simple.

Handlebar Mounts: this is the most flexible option, because you can position a round-bar clamp anywhere along the entire length of the handlebar. You also have more options, ranging from plastic to stainless steel to aluminum (then chrome plated or anodized black). In our experience with phone mounts, you get what you pay for. So if your phone is important to you, our recommendation is: don’t skimp!

Windshield mounts: this option usually involves a suction cup of some sort. First drawback: suction cup mounts do not provide as many angles as you might want. But in my mind, an even bigger drawback is the potential for the suction to become loose and disengage with all that road vibration…goodbye, phone! For that matter, vibration may make the phone difficult to read.

Tank mounts: We all know about tank BAGS, so I won’t spend any time on this except to note that it is an option (although usually you cannot see your phone while riding). Tank mounts can utilize suction cups, as well (you already know how we feel about those!). There are also phone holders with strong magnets sewn in that you can slap on your tank (drawback: potential scratching of your tank).

Switch housing mounts for BMW motorcyclesSwitch housing/reservoir mounts: This type of mount utilizes the two bolts that hold your brake reservoir and/or your clutch reservoir. It is popular on Honda Gold Wing motorcycles, and can be used on many other metric motorcycle reservoirs as well. This is a great option for bikes with very little handlebar space available. Just keep in mind that this puts the phone pretty far away from your eyeballs. Having a tilt/swivel capability (so you can aim that small phone screen at your eyes) can become very important.

With all of the different mounts available to you, you could literally be a rolling mobile entertainment center. All you have to do is contact K and G Cycles (, pick your mounting position, pick your device and order it up. Simple assembly, simple installation, and simple use.