Fancy New Parts for Your Intercom

As you get ready to put your baby to rest, all too often it seems the components in the communication system are overlooked. You aren’t alone, a few of us here at K and G Cycles have done the same thing. We also have neglected to do a pre-flight inspection on our headsets, only to find out mid-trip or mid-season, we need to replace worn parts and make and make them new again. We carry the most common intercom replacement parts to keep you in touch and ready for the road.

BBP-13-100-01windsock   The most common wear component that is in need of replacement is the microphone wind sock. Part # BBP-13-100 replaces that gross, worn out fuzzball you’ve been using since the day you got the bike. Deterioration is aided by constant exposure to the elements as well as our own contributions. The windsock endures some of the most environmentally unfriendly hits one could imagine. Honestly, for as inexpensive as they are, I often wonder why we don’t stash 3 or 4 replacements in our tool boxes or on the bike. Whether you run the Large (BBP-13-100) or the Small (BBP-13-103) version we’ve got you covered. Now you can throw away that decaying, funky smelling windsock and your communication components can look like new again.

headset BBP-13-201-01   Next up we present the 5 pin din headset (Part # BBP-13-201) for use in most popular helmets available today. This replacement includes a slim, unobtrusive and flexible microphone for easy positioning and utilizes a small quick disconnect plug for easy connection and removal. High frequency output speakers deliver a clear, crisp sound. To top it off, the headset cord is included. No more interruptions in service and no exposed wires to worry about.

   Now that you’ve got the new components installed, you will want a way to keep it all under control. Replace the broken or missing cord clips with new Black ones or upgrade with some bling and install chrome versions.

BBP-13-105-01 vinyl cover   So you’ve changed the windsock on your headsets and replaced the retainer clips, but you scratch your head saying,” If only there were an effective way to protect these new pieces I just installed on my communication system.” Well look no further because… We have  just what you’re looking for. Part # BBP-13-105 is a Vinyl Protective cover made for your microphone windsock. This handy little cover safeguards against the elements and alleviates wind noise without affecting voice transmission.

   For less than the cost of a fast food restaurant meal, you can refresh your communication system by replacing that worn out windsock, and purchase a vinyl protector to keep your your investment sound. Contact your fellow bikers at K and G cycles today and grab yourself a new sock or two and the covers to go with. You’ll be glad you did.