Fast New Web Shopping Experience at K and G Cycles!

K and G Cycles is proudly announcing our newly upgraded motorcycle parts and accessories online superstore! We have recently completed a head-to-toe upgrade aimed at bringing every K and G customer a superior online shopping experience. We value the time and energy you’re putting into scouring the web for the best prices on the best parts for your bike.  Now that you’ve found the great values at, the shopping experience is easier than ever!

We’ve always been known for low prices and the best selection anywhere. In fact, those things have been the core values from day one at K and G Cycles. In addition, our personal service is unmatched when helping you obtain the exact fit for your exact model of bike. Again, this has been a hallmark of K and G Cycles from the beginning. We believe that among the hundreds of thousands of choices, you should be able to easily find the part that’s perfect for your motorcycle.

Value and service go hand-in-hand at K and G Cycles… but we wanted MORE! MORE POWER that is!

As a company built by riders for riders, we truly understand the Need for Speed! To that end, our online superstore has undergone a ground-up rebuild including a massive engine overhaul. You will notice the difference in page-loading-speed on your very next visit, we promise! Your time is valuable, and no one understands that better than our hardworking crew. We want your shopping experience with us to sound like: Click, Click, Boom!

You will now be able to zoom through the over 200,000 parts on our site, as quick as you can click. Whether you want to find exhaust for your Sportster or tires for your Touring bike, you’ll immediately find the items you’re after. No waiting, no lag, just full throttle website horsepower from start to finish!

Not only have we loaded up with more top end speed, for super-quick search results; we’ve also added features for user-friendliness too.

For example, we’ve incorporated a Drag and Drop feature that you can use to build your bike one part at a time. Whenever you’re on a page with multiple choices, you can hover over any item and simply click and drag it to your cart on the right side of the page. This way you can easily get through your shopping experience without having to open lots of embedded pages.

Our Magic Zoom feature is coming soon and will allow you to see the details of any photograph on our site. You’ll know exactly what the items looks like, before you it’s arrival. Hey, we know that the look is just as important as the function, so be confident in your style by using our Magic Zoom feature.

Our web shopping experience includes a confidential and secure registering process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard! Our easy login with remember feature means that once you’ve visited and ordered, you won’t have to keep entering your login user name and password over and over.  Once and done, we’ll take care of the rest!

We’ve now implemented a killer new Facebook integration platform thatallows you to access our hottest deals and Peelback Savings directly through Facebook. You can easily see and order our current specials, or quick click to our online superstore. We love chatting with you at so hit us up there for biker news and information . We’ve got the greatest FB friends on the web, join us and you’ll agree!

The latest new feature of our website is less obvious, but believe us, you’ll like it! Our back-end system has received a robust upgrade that will allow super-fast processing. Our team of customer support agents can now retrieve customer, order and parts information in an instant. When you do need to call us for assistance, you’ll love the speed at which we can handle your important questions.

Whew! That’s a ton of new stuff. Take some time to check out all the speedy new features we’re bringing you at! We work hard to earn your business every time you shop with us. Making that experience as fast and smooth as possible is just our way of saying thanks to you!

You are your own bike builder. Your ride expresses your unique style. So crank the throttle on our new hot-rod website while you pick the perfect parts to create your own custom look. Every time your vision and K and G Cycles come together, it’s … kinduvabigdeal!!