Fat Tires make Fat Baggers

   As every motorcycle owner knows, the Winter months generally offer the least amount of riding opportunities. This is the time many of us choose to perform accessory installs, performance upgrades, new paint and more. Being an owner of a 2004 FLHT, I am particularly fond of the accessory I am about to show you. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is your online source for the 200mm Wide Tire Kit for H-D Touring bikes from Fat Baggers Inc.

   The days of baggFat Baggers kit FBH200Ber riders longing for the powerful fat look of a wide tire are now over. Thanks to the good people over at Fat Baggers Inc, a 200mm wide tire kit can easily be in your bike’s future. You can now transform any Touring Bike into a real road hog with a profile so sexy, even Nuns will blush. One cool thing about this kit is adding a 200mm tire to your ride just got a whole lot easier. Think of the vast improvement it is  over stock, without it being so big that it compromises the ride and handling of your bike. Some of the kits key features are a wider swingarm, an extended length axle, a Primary spacer, a primed fiberglass fender, depending on the kit, either an Avon or Metzeler 200 tire, correct stainless steel Brackets, transmission offset, a complete gasket kit, all necessary hardware. An 1 1/8″ belt upgrade is required for those modifying a pre-’94 FLH. A Premium Chrome wheel is available separately or you can choose one to your liking.

   So you see, adding comfort, confidence, and stunning good looks can be accomplished with one modification, a 200mm Wide Tire Kit from one of the premiere Bagger Accessory companies out there – Fat Baggers Inc. Available at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we’ve got everything you need to customize your ride and have it ready for that first ride of Spring.