Adding Comfort to your Ride with Highway Pegs and Mounts

    There is nothing more relaxing than heading out for a ride on your bike, finding that perfect road, and letting all your troubles drift away. Sometimes that little bit of therapy comes from twisting the throttle a little harder, or maybe carving the corners a little harder. For many of us, the relaxation comes from the ability to put our feet up and enjoy the road, but unless we have highway pegs on our bikes, total relaxation and comfort eludes us. At K and G Cycles ( we carry a large selection of highway pegs and mounts sure to increase the comfort level on any bike.

   Before Adjustable peg mounts 25232-01  you can have highway pegs, you first must have a way to mount them. Depending on the bike you ride, there can be different ways to mount them. The most commonly seen set up has them mounted on engine guards, crash bars, or mustache bars. Whatever you call them, you will need mounts that fit the diameter of those bars. Since most bars designed for H-D Motorcycles are 1 1/4″ thick, you will notice there are a lot of designs available. The simplest being clamps that let you mount a peg directly to the bar and that is it. You can also choose from versions that give you flexibility of peg position ( 360° of travel ). This is beneficial for taller riders because they can move the pegs further away for a comfortable fit. Surprisingly, this design also benefits the vertically challenged because the mount can be rotated inward, bringing the pegs closer to the rider.

   For those of frame mount peg mounts you that do not have an engine – crash – mustache mount, there is an option for you as well. Actually there is 2 different mounts styles available. Frame mount legs or Down Tube mount bars. The frame mount set up is often found on the Sportster and Dyna lineup’s because these bikes utilize mid-controls and forward-controls. When the bike has the mid-controls, the mounting holes for the forward-controls are empty and easily accept frame mounted highway peg support brackets. This is especially handy when the rider prefers the aggressive stance of mid-controls but would like to stretch out every now and then.

   The down tudown tube peg mountbe mount system is for those wanting the comfort and convenience of highway pegs, but want to retain a sleek look on the bike. Just like their big brother, the down tube mount set up capitalizes on existing frame attachment points to secure the bar. Unlike their big brother, there are no adjustment points on these bars. The pegs attach to the end, giving you a place to rest your feet and that is pretty much it. Some models do allow you to fold up the pegs so you can retain harder lean angles.

   Foot pepegs 27-0587-01gs come in a wide variety of styles and it basically comes down to your personal preference. Some offer vibration dampening characteristics with an increased amount of rubber used in the design. Other styles include theme matching designs so you can coordinate  your grips, floorboards or pegs, brake pedal pads, shifter pegs, even your saddlebag latches and dash inserts. Foot pegs can have a strong impact on the visual appeal of your ride as well as the overall comfort you will experience.

   When you are looking to improve the overall comfort level of your bike, turn to a name you can trust – K and G Cycles ( With one of the largest selections of foot pegs and highway peg mounts around, you are sure to find the right fit and style for you. Say good bye to the constant readjustment and cramping you are experiencing on your rides and say hello to more relaxed, comfortable miles when you install a set of highway pegs.