Fieldsheer undersuit with CoolMax Technology – A win win!

HH-6077-0505-04 coolmax suit, great addition to your riding gear and it keeps you cool and dry.Have you ever been to a track day and dreaded putting on your leathers because you knew it was going to be hot, sweaty, and almost uncomfortable? The Crew at K and G Cycles ( understands this so we set out on a quest to find a way to change that. What we did find was the team at Fieldsheer had an Undersuit available that uses cutting edge technology – DuPont CoolMax material. Knowing the reputation of Fieldsheer brand and carrying their other product lines we thought it was a good idea to offer this too.  Initially intended for use at the track, it was learned there were a large number of motorcyclists using this suit under their street riding gear. This suit liner can be used with any kind of motorcycle apparel, but primarily it’s designed to be worn under racing leathers. The Coolmax material promises to keep you cooler and to keep your suit’s interior cleaner. It’s a simple, lightweight one piece garment that you will barely notice is there.

  • DuPontTM CoolMax Construction – Developed in 1986,this moisture wicking fabric improves “breathability” compared to natural fibres like cotton.
  • Washable Liner Designed to Work With Leather Suits to Increase Comfort and Air Circulation – sweat can evaporate quickly so the wearer is kept dry. Other useful properties include resistance to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.
  • Material Wicks Moisture and Perspiration Away From the Body, Helping to Regulate Body Temperature – sweat can evaporate quickly so the wearer is kept dry.

Overall, the list of benefits seems to be reason enough to own one of these CoolMax suits:

  • Keeps skin dry and warm
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature regulating
  • Keeps you hydrated by decreasing the need to sweat
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Decreases exertion by increasing hydration and by maintaining body temperatures
  • Comfortable and form fitting
  • Ideal for layering
So whether you are the top dog at your local Track Day, the Pro Am that can’t be beat, or just want to put the miles on in comfort, pick up this amazing Undersuit by Fieldsheer , and and cool comfort to your ride. Pick yours up at K and G Cycles ( and experience the difference