Finally a GPS Specifiacally for Motorcycle Riders from TomTom

TomTom-RIDER-5-Boxshot  Part of the allure the whole motorcycling experience is being able to take the road less traveled. The engineers at Tom Tom have developed a way to still experience that, but have back up in case you need it. Your friends at K and G Cycles (www, want to introduce you to the Tom Tom made just for motorcycles – The Rider. This unit has rider friendly features that will have you have you asking “Where can I get one?”. The answer is right here at K and G Cycles.

   The Rider by TomTom allows you to plan your routes with these convenient standard features:

  •  FREE Lifetime Maps – Always ride with the latest map. Get to your destination faster with FREE Lifetime Maps. For the life of your product, you can download 4 or more full updates of the map on your device every year. You receive all updates to the road network, addresses and Points of Interest.
  • Points of Interest – Find the best Points of Interest—including those relevant to riders. From the nearest pit stop to the most outstanding vista, the most affordable motel to the juiciest burger. Got your own big ideas? Add to the community by sharing your POIs.
  • TomTom Speed Cameras – Your device has speed camera locations, including reports from other users. It also warns you of other alerts, such as fixed speed cameras and average speed checks for the road ahead. It saves you money on speeding fines, helping you drive safely and relaxed.
  • Free Daily Map Changes – FREE Daily Map Changes from the Map Share community. Includes dynamic changes like new speed limits and blocked roads. Some things change overnight and can delay your journey. Map Share helps you deal with the more frequent road changes. Avoid detours and get to your destination even faster.
  • IQ Routes – The world’s biggest database of real travel times is built into every TomTom device. Which means you’ll get the fastest routes and most accurate arrival times. It’s genius!

   tomtom rider 2Also included are brand new features that allow you to seek out the the curves as well as plot a course in accordance with the twists and turns that make riding fun. What? A navigation device that actually lets you have fun? Check it out –

  • Winding Roads  – Feel the twists, the turns, and the adrenaline of the road beneath your bike. Winding Roads allows you to choose the route with the most curves, so that you can avoid the boring straights.
  • Points of Interest – Find the best Points of Interest—including those relevant to riders. From the nearest pit stop to the most outstanding vista, the most affordable motel to the juiciest burger. Got your own big ideas? Add to the community by sharing your POIs.

   This motorcycle geared GPS from TomTom lets you manage your itinerary via…

  • Itineraries – In Itineraries, you can save all your favorite tours and memories. Or you can use it to plan a new route with waypoints. Every time you go out, or find a new favorite road, you can save it—for riding, or just viewing, again.
  • Upload Routes and Go – Gain inspiration from riders in the know, with Upload and Go. With it, you can find inspiration from other riders online, upload their routes to your TomTom RIDER and customize them. Best of all, you can use more than 10,000 route points. So, where do you want to go?
  • PC Route Management via Tyre – PC Route Management via Tyre lets you get an early start on your touring excitement. Use Tyre to search, create and edit routes on your PC before you upload them to your device. Share your designs with others in map form, or wait ‘til you meet and share them directly from your TomTom RIDER.
  • Trip Recording – Capture your route from beginning to end, with every spontaneous detour and waypoint in between. Trip Recording ensures you can always find your way back to your new favorite roads and share them with your friends.
  • Share files via Bluetooth – Make new friends and keep the old (on track). Share your route via Bluetooth before you head out, or while you’re on the way.

tomtom screen   By now it is evident this GPS unit was designed by bikers for bikers to make travel and sharing the experience easier. The glove-friendly screen responds instantly to touch and is designed for riding in any weather. The TomTom RIDER connects to your phone enabling you to safely call hands free via Bluetooth while you’re en route. The Bluetooth feature also allows you to keep your hands on your bike with directions delivered to your headset or helmet. Keeping the unit powered is easy with the Charging Bike Dock. The supplied dock keeps the juice flowing as you take the “Motorway”.  In addition, a rugged RAM Mount is included to keep your TomTom in place even in the toughest conditions. So you always have high visibility of the screen, The Sunlight Visibility on our larger 4.3″ screen gives you different color options to choose from at different times of day, whether you’re on the road at high noon or during late afternoon. And lastly, Tom Tom Rider powers on and off with your ignition. Simply put, the bike isn’t running, the GPS isn’t drawing power.

   When selecting a GPS, we often choose by name. TomTom is a huge player and with the advent of a “Made for Motorcycles” unit, we now have a great alternative. Delivering cutting edge technology with biker friendly features is what makes this GPS a great buy. Contact K and G Cycles  ( today and order your “Rider”. You will be glad you did.