Finally, a Secure Vibration Free Mount for your Electronics

As technology advances, our phones do more and more. Music, Video Camera, and GPS are all features we like to have when ride, but how do you keep your phone positioned to utilize all of these functions? By installing a Leader Motorcycle eCaddy Diamond Motorcycle iPhone mount (I selected the iPhone mount because they are so popular, there are other mounts available) you bring multi-function capability to a secure central location on your motorcycle. At K and G Cycles ( it is our goal to bring you accessories that make the time spent on your motorcycle more enjoyable.

Leader ecaddy diamond   Having the convenience of our electronics along for the ride is something we all can appreciate. Leader Motorcycle is one company that makes sure this happens with relative ease. The cornerstone of the eCaddy Diamond Motorcycle iPhone mount is the patented Ultra-Swivel. This design allows unlimited positioning ability in multiple directions so you’ll never have trouble seeing your iPhone! The Ultra-Swivel is so sleek and slim, you’ll hardly even know it’s there. A 2-hole diamond shape on the eCaddy Diamond is the perfect fit to the shape on the back of the iPhone cradle, giving it a clean, classic look that is unmatched. This kit mounts on any round bar (3/4″ to 1-1/4″ diameters). This kit is intended to work on all Apple iPhone models. Note: if you have a case/cover on your iPhone it will need to be removed when you use this kit. If you prefer to keep your cover, check out the Universal Phone Mounts.

Kit includes:

• eCaddy Diamond holding plate (chrome)

• Ultra-Swivel (stainless steel)

• Mounting bracket (chrome) with UltraSecure and Get the Vibe Out features

   Taking the guess work out of electronics mounting is made possible by Leader Motorcycle and their extensive research and development bringing you secure vibration dampening mounts. With multiple mounting locations and applications available, you have the capability to bring along GPS, Satellite Radio, MP3 players, and a host of different Smartphones. Stop by K and G Cycles ( and take a look at the huge selection of Electronics Mounts we have for you.