Finally a Softtail Suspension meant to be Ridden!

   Last season was the final straw. You need to put a better suspension under your bike so you can enjoy your ride. We went in search of such a rascal and found an amazing animal. The most recognized name in aftermarket motorcycle suspension, Progressive, hopes their version of R.A.P. will catch on with Softtail Owners like Hair Metal and Rock Ballads. For a lot of suspension guys, Softtails have been always been quite a challenge. Having the shocks mounted under the frame makes even common adjustments pretty difficult. That is until now! K and G Cycles ( got as giddy as a school girl when we found out the Engineering Wizards over at Progressive came up with a clever solution. Calling it RAP (or Remote Adjustable Preload) this new design combines their legendary high performance shocks with a remote preload adjuster.

RAP Shocks 29099   Part #’s 29099 and 29093 (depending on the year of your ride) is Progressive Suspensions 422 Series Shock that unlike the others in its lineup, has the ability to be easily adjusted via a remote that rides by one of the passenger pegs. The RAP (or Remote Adjustable Preload) system combines high performance shocks with a remote preload adjuster. This allows for easy tuning of the shocks to account for changes in loads or the addition of a passenger. Packing a lot of gear for a big ride? Give the knob a few turns and the bike is set. Riding solo? A few rotations the other direction softens things up. The 422 RAP Series shocks are based on Progressive Suspensions award winning gas charged monotube damper and are combined with heavy duty progressive rate springs for that excellent ride quality and bottoming control you have come to know and love. Threaded rod ends also provide several inches of height adjustment so you can completely customize the stance of your ride.

   Although I was a bit skeptical when Progressive called to say they were entering the R.A.P. World, I can without a doubt now say this is the first R.A.P. that I am excited about. K and G Cycles ( is happy to make these easily adjustable, high quality shocks from Progressive Suspension available to all you frustrated Softtail Owners. Contact us today and start the season off on the right foot, and improve your ride with the new Progressive 422 R.A.P. Series shocks.