Financial Independence Brought to you by Coats

   Has the time come for you to open your own Motorcycle Repair Shop? Many of the tools you will need, you already have in monstrosity that is your tool box. For those specialty tools you will want to turn to your friends at K and G Cycles ( for the best deals around. Two pieces of equipment you will definitely want to have is a Tire Changer as well as a Tire Balancer. The Premiere name in Tire Equipment is Coats and you can get them right here at K and G Cycles.

  A qualit coats-tire-changer-220y tire changer is a must for anyone performing such a task. The Coats Model 220 Manual Tire Changer is an affordable and dependable solution for lower volume motorcycle repair shops. Now just because you are purchasing Manual Machine don’t think the folks at Coats have left off convenience because they did not with this model. Because this is a manual unit it is almost more versatile than one of the big units. Check out these great features:

  • No air source required – placement is endless, also makes for a nice portable unit for the rallies or the track
  • No electricity needed – this machine only costs your strength to operate.
  • Table holds the wheel securely while the tire bar is pivoted around the center post for tire removal and installation.
  • Clamps are adjustable from 8 inches to 23 inches – makes servicing a wide range of tires possible
  • Includes bead sealing jets to aid in inflation.
  • Includes manual motorcycle bead loosener.
  • Optional manual ATV bead loosener available.


To finishmodel-280 balancer the job, you will need to balance that new tire install. Why not stick with the pros at Coats and pick up the 280 Wheel Balancer. Cost-effective and accurate, the Coats 280 is a simple, indispensable balancer — the dream machine for any shop that offers motorcycle wheel service. Again, because it is a manual unit its portability is endless giving you mobile service options when you need them. you know you are getting a great product when you purchase from the industry leader, but take a look at what you get…

  • Specially designed balancing shaft
  • Large, easy-to-read optical balance indicator
  • Quick and simple wheel attachment
  • Durable and portable

   When it comes to setting up your shop, you want affordability, but you want top quality too. That usually doesn’t end up packaged together except when it comes from Coats. We know your money is important, especially when you are starting your own business and that is why K and G Cycles ( brings you true value. The beauty of these manual Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer machines from Coats is they allow you to turn portable should the need arise. Contact us today and be one step closer to financial independence.