Finding Storage for those Important Items Right in Front of You

   It happens all too often – we are forced to seek storage for the items we need close at hand in far away places. No, I’m not referring to Cinderella’s Castle, Hook’s Ship or the Dwarf’s Cottage in the woods, I am referring to the saddlebags, roll bags or even the back pack we must place out belongings in. There is a simple solution from the team at K and G Cycles (, a Windshield Pouch. There are many designs available depending on the bike you ride.

The most common 3pouch-bag-BBP-H50-303BK is the curved 3 pouch bag that fits mainly motorcycles with fairings. Designed to follow the curve of the dash, these bags offer a decent amount of storage in a center bag, as well as 2 outer bags that are usually curved. The center bag delivers the most amount of space and can handle such items as Digital Cameras, cell phones, sunglasses and more. The outer pockets will handle less because they are actually smaller. A less used item or less important item can be stowed in these. Regardless of what you stow where, you now have an storage withing your reach.

non-fairing-2-pouch-BBP-H50    For those of you that have a full windshield instead of a fairing, there are options for you too. There are 3 pouch bags in addition to the single pouch bag. Sure they only have to follow the outward curve of the windshield rather than that of the dash, but they are still every bit of the work horse as their prettier cousins. One distinct advantage of the single pouch unit is its cavernous interior lets you put almost anything in there. Small Dog, Handgun, Bigger nicer Camera, or even a Turkey Leg.

   I have never had a motorcycle without a complete windshield as opposed to a fairing so I cannot weigh in 100% on the single big pouch. I have sold more of them than I can count on my fingers, toes, ears and nose times 10. I can however tell you on my curved 3 pouch model, I use an outer pouch for my garage door opener, the other outer pouch for a travel size first aid kit and sunscreen. The center pouch holds my registration, my phone, insurance card, and my disc lock. Oh yeah and a small old digital camera for those moments you just have to capture.

   When you run out of places to stash the things you need near by, it is time to consider a windshield bag from K and G Cycles ( It doesn’t matter what bike you ride or the style you want, we’ve got you covered. Plain, Studded, Fringed and more, we can help you keep the important stuff within reach and keep the good looks of your bike flowing throughout.