Fix it Right the first time! Grab a Manual.

There isn’t much more in life more satisfying then walking up to a broke something and being able to fix it. That goes for your motorcycle too. I know what you are saying, “How can I repair a motorcycle, I don’t know much about them.Will I need a manual?” Well, at K and G Cycles ( it is our goal to offer you everything you need to DIY and that is why we offer a large selection of repair manuals for most brands and models.

atv basics Depending on the manual you choose, the level of detail enclosed can differ greatly. For example, there are many “Basic” manuals out there that contain just enough of the basic information you need for ownership and operation. They are designed to help you understand maintenance intervals, service guidelines, and even preferred cleaning methods. They are not really focused on repairs, and the main objective is to allow the individual to properly maintain their motorcycle or ATV without giving them too much information so they do more harm than good. These entry level manuals are a great idea for the first time motorcyclist to familiarize themselves with the technical side of their bikes.

service and repair manualNext up is the “Owners Workshop Manual”. These Service and Repair Manuals are written for the DIY motorcycle owner, but these books contain everything you need to service, diagnose, and repair almost any situation regarding our 2-wheeled transportation(our 3 and 4 wheeled variety as well). The upgraded books will often give you wiring diagrams so you can tackle those annoying electrical gremlins or properly add auxiliary lighting or sound accessories. This book is more advanced than the Basic Manual and you should know your limitations before choosing to tackle some of the more advanced jobs. Remember if you are unsure of how to perform that job, it is usually less expensive to let a Pro handle it.

lambretta resto guide Lastly we also have available “Restoration “Manuals. These complete guides will give you all the information needed to correctly restore your motorcycle. They also address both mechanical and cosmetic concerns. Generously illustrated with specially commissioned photography, every step in the restoration process is carefully described! Return your motorcycle to its original glory with one of these complete guides to restoring your prized ride to 100% original. So many of the restoration guides offer helpful hints on performance enhancements as well as customization tips and tricks.

So whatever your skill level, whatever you ride, K and G Cycles can help you perform as many of the maintenance, repair, accessory, or restoration chores in front of you.