From the Trails to the Street Legally

It seems our pocket books get thinner and thinner everyday and we are all looking for ways to make that dollar go further legally. One way to achieve this goal is to make our commute on a motorcycle, but all we have is that weekend warrior trail bike. Have no fear, K and G Cycles is happy to offer you Dual Sport Kits that give you the option to take the road to savings legally.

dual sport kit  What better way to give the social finger to the oil companies than ditching the gas hog SUV, Truck, or Family Sedan than hopping on the trail bike and make your commute. After you have fitted this Dual Sort Kit by Baja Designs to that off-road motorcycle you now have a fuel sipping alternative for your morning drive. And we all know how good taking the long way home can be for our body and spirit! These kits come with everything you need to transform that single use ride into a Dual Sport Dynamo.

All Dual Sport Kits Include*:

• D.O.T. Halogen Hi/Low Glass Lens Headlight

• L.E.D. Taillight

• D.O.T. Turn Signals (flush mount available)

• Horn

• Ni-Cad Battery (9 ozs) – keeps the lights working when the bike is off

• Rectifier/Regulator (keeps the battery charged)

• Wiring Harness

• Switch Panel – High Beam Indicator light, turn signal switch, horn, headlight and kill switch

• Parts bag – contains all necessary nuts, bolts, zip-ties, etc.

• Available in all O.E.M. colors including white and black

• Detailed installation instructions

 These kits are available for a wide range of motorcycles and are available in many different colors. Contact the Crew at K and G Cycles to pick up yours today and get on the road to savings with your “new” Dual Sport.

*As always there are some important manufacturer notes*

 Some bikes do not require every component listed above. All states require D.O.T. tires, and some states have additional requirements such as Speedometer/Odometer, Mirrors, etc.  Please check state requirements regarding “Dual Sport Motorcycles”.

Switch Panel Assembly features a modern style push-to-cancel turn signal button and an integrated LED high beam indicator. It now unplugs from the front wiring harness with a quick release connector eliminating the need to unplug any individual components to remove the switch.

EZ Mount Kit:

As many parts pre-mounted as possible. Similar to Quick Release Kit except no rear fender.

Electric Start Models: Front turn signals and horn are conveniently pre-mounted on the headlight. Stock with D.O.T. rear turn signals, mount to existing rear fender.