FTS on truTV – New Season Wed Nov 30th

When the chill of winter is starting to set in, Tru TV wants to fire up that biker spirit and bring you Sturgis 2012 all over again with the new season of Full Throttle Saloon. The show promises to deliver the ups, downs and inside-outs of running one hell of a party while trying to conduct business at the one of the biggest biker rallys of the year. This is the third season, so if you’ve been keeping up with Mike, Angie and Jesse James Dupree, we’d love to have you chime in with your opinions too! You know, here at vtwinmotorcycleblog, we want our Gang to have their say too!


The world’s largest biker bar, theĀ Full Throttle Saloon, is open for only 10 days a year in August. This year, owner Mike Ballard has to turn a profit during the 70thannual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. From managing a full staff of bartenders and dancing girls to hosting big name concerts, burlesque shows and other biker-friendly acts; keeping it all together is more than most people could handle.