Funny Name, Great Idea!

Bushwakkaswags, known to some as “Swags”, are sleeping compartments that are quick and easy to set up, self standing, versatile, durable and convenient to carry in a vehicle, boat, on a horse or bike. Perfect for motorcycle camping trips!

Ideal for any market that involves people stopping overnight for short stays, at low cost, or in areas with no or limited facilities. The swag can be laid out on the ground, back of truck, or inside a dwelling. Full setup requires a surface allowing pegs to be driven into the ground or a structure where the swag can be tied off to, eg vehicle, fence, bar tree. All swags are waterproof as well.

All that is required to accompany the swag is a pillow and sleeping bag as all come with a quality grade foam mattress (except Lite-Rider). When rolled up the swag is lightweight and very compact making it ideal for storage and cartage. It is very easy to erect and roll up can be done in 60 seconds or so.

K and G Cycles is proud to be the first and only online distributor for Bushwakkaswags products. Get yours today and enjoy the fun!

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