Get a Grip on the New Season!

grips   As the miles roll by, we realize there are ways we can increase our comfort level over the stock configuration, while adding a personal touch to our rides. Your friends at K and G Cycles ( realize the stock hand grips do nothing to enhance the ride and are pretty boring. Choosing a new set serves two purposes, 1) Add style to your bike 2) Increase comfort by reducing vibration transferred to your hands. Another benefit of changing out stock grips is once you have some miles on them, your hands won’t turn black after a days riding.

Foam Hand Grips – This style of grip provides a solid cushion of firm foam around the inner sleeve eliminating almost all of the vibration transferred from bike to rider, while delivering more comfort. The only draw back is because it is foam and porous, it is easier for dirt and moisture to penetrate the grips, breaking down the foam earlier than other styles of grips. The end result is more frequent replacement of the grips.

Custom Metal Grips – This type of hand grip can often be part of a “theme” for the bike with pegs, floorboards, mirrors and various covers displaying the same pattern or design. Metal grips may not seem to be a wise decision when trying to capture comfort, but a lot of them have rubber inserts to provide cushion and allow air to pass between the grip and your hand.

Heated Hand Grips – These grips come in all sorts of designs with one goal in mind, to keep your hands warm in less than stellar temperatures. Heated versions provide a different type of comfort to the riders, they warm the hands and allow the rider to motor on while extending the riding season. Most heated grips are grips assemblies with wiring and controls and come in a variety of styles, while another kind is a heating element tucked into the bar enabling you to retain the grips you’ve come to love.

Regardless of what you ride or the style you prefer, there is a an option for you to experience more comfort. Give the crew at K and G Cycles (www, a call at 1-888-50K-ANDG and they will be happy to assist you make your ride a comfortable place to be.