Get Slimmer Lines and Brighter Lights

   With thousands upon thousands of ways to customize your ride, aftermarket Turn Signals or Marker Lights can give your bike a one of a kind look. K and G Cycles ( has a huge selection of custom marker lights that are smaller, and offer more intense lighting options than the originals. Taking those big bulky factory lights and replacing them with smaller L.E.D. lights can actually increase your visual footprint and potentially increase your safety. Not only do many of the smaller lights offer better lighting, they also add smoother lines that compliment almost any bike.

   There are manymini turn signal kit different styles of custom Turn Signals to choose from so you can achieve the look you have been in search of. Whether you want a shrunken Bullet Housing design, a strut hugging light housing, or even a custom shape such as a Maltese Cross, your desires can be realized. Installing upgraded lighting is always a good idea so why not go for a total custom look and mount them on the front and rear of your motorcycle? Streamlining the contours of your bike gives you stand alone good looks, while making a personal statement. You will also have a bike that doesn’t look like all the other ones out there.

  When it comes time to perform an upgrade that not only provides custom looks, but adds a safety factor as well, look no further than custom marker lights. You can select from Red or Amber for the rear, or Amber for the front. Contact the friendly staff today at K and G Cycles ( and order up your new lighting. Its the easiest way to transform your ride from ho hum to killer cool all the while adding improved lighting and increasing safety.