Give me a Brake

Brakes-catDo your brakes seem to be lacking stopping power? Do you have a lot of miles on your bike? Is there an upgrade available for your motorcycle? All these are great questions that can be answered with a “Yes”, but there is much more to be considered.  There is no shortage of replacement brake pad manufacturers who are offering everything from OEM style replacement brakes to high performance brakes and everything between.  The terminology related to brakes nowadays can be confusing at best, so we will discuss them briefly and what they offer.  K and G Cycles ( has a full line up of quality brake parts to fit your needs at a great price.

First you need to determine if your bike has brake pads or brake shoes. Brake pads will correspond with disc brakes, usually found on more current models of bikes, while brake shoes and drum brakes generally belong to older bikes. Next you need to ask yourself what you are looking for in a brake pad/shoe. Let’s jump right in and stop this confusing madness about what brake pads/shoes will work for you.

We will start by highlighting Semi-Metallic/Organic pads:

Semi-Metallic/Organic pads are a great overall choice and offer enhanced braking ability and won’t break the bank.

  • Great feel and modulation for OEM replacement
  • Long lasting and very little rotor wear
  • Good in wet and/or dry conditions
  • Overall a very versatile compound for almost every need.
  • Do not need time to “warm up” for optimal performance.
  • Generally cost less than ceramic pads.

Another option is Ceramic pads, an excellent choice for a more aggressive rider.

  • For moderately aggressive, sport street riding, and off road
  • Advanced ceramic composites ready to withstand higher temperatures than regular Semi-Metallic carbon brake pads
  • HH friction rated compounds deliver excellent feel and modulation.
  • Capable of handling almost any type of riding you throw at them

Kevlar Brake pads seem to be the toughest of the mix, but may also command the most money.

  • Powerful, linear feel
  • Great modulation and control
  • Little rotor wear
  • Excellent on dry conditions
  • Overall a very predictable and fade-free compound

For the motorcyclist that spends most of the time on the track, a metallic carbon pad may be the way to go.

  • Carbon based composite for race use on stainless steel discs
  • Requires some heat to operate
  • Laser cut, double disc ground backing plates to assure perfect flatness
  • Easy to modulate, very progressive

In addition to upgrading your brake pads, you might consider replacing your brake fluid too. Contaminants such as dirt and moisture will break down the fluid over time, and now is a good time to flush the lines and  replace it if you are replacing your brake pads Whether your pads are worn out, you want increased performance, or have a track bike, there is a brake pad that will meet your demands at K and G Cycles ( ).