Give Your Bike Some Hot Legs!

We all take pride in making our rides look good and want to do so without breaking the bank. With that said, K and G Cycles is always looking to deliver affordable accessories that allow the DIY’er the chance to transform their bike with ease. Personal customization is part of what makes owning a motorcycle fun. Adding Chrome, increasing performance, upgrading audio, and more. It’s what we all love to do to make our motorcycle different from the next. Kuryakyn is one company that is all about personal customization, and that is why I am going to show you a piece from them that will make your ride even more beautiful.

Unless you purchasedfork covers kuryakyn 7768  a CVO H-D, your ride has the same brushed aluminum lower fork legs installed on it just like everyone else. Sure you could shell out a small fortune to upgrade to the Chrome Front End Package from Milwaukee, but again, you’d look like the others. Why not go after a unique look, and keep a lot of money in your pocket? You can install these lower leg covers and ultimately protect your lower legs & keep them looking good! These lower fork leg accents (Part # TR-419100) are smothered in irresistible chrome so deep you may just get a glimpse at your soul. They not only have great looks, but they also protect your factory lower fork legs from the notorious “sand blasting” caused by road debris. Installation is effortless, no tools are required and that translates into no labor cost to have them installed. As always, you will want to follow the included instructions for the best results possible. In the end, you get affordable customization that sets your bike apart from the rest and its more chrome.

When you decide to take a ride down “Customization Boulevard”and want a set of Lower Leg Accents,  contact the fine folks at K and G Cycles for all your needs. We carry everything you need to make your two wheeled dreams come true.