Give your Can Am Proper Storage

So you finally got your Can Am Spyder and have found there really isn’t much storage on the bike. What are you to do? You go online to K and G Cycles and take a look at all we have to offer. The Aftermarket World seems to have forgotten the Legions of loyal riders aboard the Spyders, but we here at K and G Cycles have scoured the hills and hollers to find the accessories to make your journeys better.

ICan-Am-windshield-pouch-BBP-H41-152BKn our hunt for Can Am accessories, we found a Windshield Dash Pouch System from Hopnel for the Can Am Spyder RT. This new RT Tri-Pouch System, (Part # BBP-H41-154BK) is 3 distinct pouches, which deliver improved adhesion to the textured dash while traveling at highway speeds. The center pouch is of course the largest at a generous 9” x 6” x 2”, while the 2 side compartments measure a respectable 5” x 4” x 1.5”. All 3 pouches close easily with a zipper to insure the precious cargo contained within has nowhere to go. While these pouches are not 100% waterproof, they will keep your electronic gadgets and important paper work out of the elements and within arms reach. They have even been known to house a sandwich or soda, or a couple of the finest stogies around.

We all know outfitting your Can Am to make it more user friendly and comfortable for the long haul can be difficult at best. K and G Cycles pledges to do their very best to bring you the very best in accessories for your Can Am Spyder. Part of owning a motorcycle is adding pieces and parts to it that tell your story. Everybody deserves to be able to customize that bike to make it their own, and K and G Cycles is your online source for your accessory needs.