Give your Can Am the Attitude it needs with new Exhaust

   For way too long now, The Spyders from Can Am have been left out of the Performance Game. Two Brothers Racing has decided to change that. With the addition of Slip-on mufflers available for the Can Am Spyder collection, you now have the option to upgrade your exhaust. As we all know, when we hear a better note coming from the exhaust we generally enjoy the ride more. That coupled with performance gains will keep a smile on our face. K and G Cycles ( is proud to offer slip-on mufflers from a name you trust – Two Brothers Racing.

   Two Brothers Racing (TBR)… America’s Top Level exhaust company, strives to put more power to the ground while maximizing weight savings! Available in a slip-on design for most Spyder applications, their exhaust will, reduce weight, increase torque and horsepower and dress up the look of your Can Am. The world’s best choice in motorcycle exhausts components for Spyders are built with painstaking care and attention to detail in Orange County, Ca.

Can Am Spyder Slip on TR-592576    TBR’s M2 Performance Exhaust Slip-ons combine the finest thin wall stainless steel tubing and precision handmade merge collectors to deliver a collection system unlike any other. Seamless integration into the M2 muffler is handled by the exclusive V.A.L.E. system—eliminating the typically weak springs and weld joints at the critical junction. The Two Bros’ exclusive M2 canister is available in Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and Titanium for your selection. The entire line of TBR M Series canisters feature the same high level of quality construction and are designed to be fully serviceable in the event of damage (replacement parts are available), routine maintenance or the occasional repack. Our V.A.L.E. slip-on exhaust systems feature CNCed aluminum inlets. This special design provides you ease of maintenance as well as simplified construction, which is what a premium performance product is all about! The exhaust note produced is best described as being deep and throaty without suffering from the shrill whine normally associated with other manufacturer’s straight through muffler canisters. In other words, you get an awesome sound, increased performance, and great looks.

   Here at K and G Cycles ( we want you to experience everything your Can Am has to offer. A thrilling ride, unsurpassed power, a pleasing exhaust note, and a smile that lasts for miles. Two Brothers is known the world over for providing more power, better torque and great sounds, so why not see what they can do for your Can Am Spyder.