Good Gold Wing, Bad Gold Wing

gold wing windshield  You just got back from your first multi-day trip on your Gold Wing and discovered along the way that the stock windshield just really doesn’t offer you as much protection as it should. What do you do now? You go to K and G Cycles ( www.kandgcycles,com ) and look at the great selection of replacement windshields available for Honda Gold Wings. Let’s face it, we all like the wind in our face, but not for 3-500 miles at a stretch. Often we don’t realize it before it’s too late, but the mild wind whip can be a huge source of rider fatigue and turn the pleasure cruise into tiresome travels. The easiest way to fight the daily beating is to install a new windshield that offers better coverage allowing you to enjoy your ride.   Many of the replacement windshields can be had in extended sizes up to 3 1/2″ taller and up to 3 1/2″ wider, offering you better protection from the wind. Manufactured from extremely strong 3/16″ thick transparent Lucite and DOT approved for the best in optical clarity, not only do you reduce the pressure  from the wind, you also increase your protection from airborne road debris. This is especially important when cruising down the expressway.  As you will find out, upgraded windshields not only increase ride comfort, the passenger reaps the benefits too. Added height and width help redirect the air around rider and passenger delivering more comfort and less fatigue on those long runs. Do yourself and your passenger a favor and let the good people at K and G Cycles ( help you select the windshield that is right for you. It could be the difference between wanting to ride and missing out on a great adventures.