Good things come in Small Packages. Including Saddlebag Latches

   When it comes time to add custbadaxe-latch1om pieces to our bikes, we often forget subtlety can have a huge impact. Installing new Saddlebag Latches or Covers is an inexpensive easy way to upgrade your ride without extensive modification. By adding a set of custom Saddlebag Latches you can make even those stock Vivid Black bags pop and add a whole new dimension to your bike. How about this, you’ve just spent thousands on your one of a kind custom paint set, why would you reinstall your stock Saddlebag Latches? This situation demands installing some unique latches that take your bike to the next level. Shop the great selection of Saddlebag Latches at K and G Cycles ( and set your ride apart from the others. Whether you want Chrome, Billet Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, or even Black Anodized Aluminum we’ve got you covered. We even have a vendor producing them with Leather and Mother of Pearl inlays. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have a design out there that compliments your ride.

   Most of the Saddlebag Labadaxe-latch2tch Covers  offered today reuse your stock latch mechanisms allowing you to use your original keys for greater convenience. Still there are others that are basic covers and simply use a heavy duty double sided tape for installation. This streamlines your prep work and is nothing more than a thorough cleaning to the stock latch surface and you are good to go. Many of the top manufacturers such as Arlen Ness, Revolution Manufacturing, Precision Billet, and Pro One all have custom Saddlebag Latches available. A good looking bike with unique features is just a click away when you stop and shop with K and G Cycles ( and start your journey towards total bike customization with our great selection of Saddlebag Latches.