Great Accessories Designed for The Yamaha V-Star

   Every once in a while we like to showcase multiple parts that are intended for one particular model of motorcycle. Here at K and G Cycles ( we fully understand shopping for accessories for your motorcycle can be, well, overwhelming. We want to lighten your load by presenting you with options you don’t have to search high and low for. So all you V-Star owners out there, sit back and enjoy the presentation.

 vstar neck cover BBP-63-604   To start off, we are going to add Chrome in a place that rarely gets to play dress up. The neck area on 1999-2008 1100 V-Stars is not very pretty so it deserves a good dose of chrome. Part # BBP-63-604 is a set of Chrome Neck Covers made from durable ABS plastic and given a bath in show quality Chrome. Installation of these Chrome neck covers is simple as it uses existing hardware. Finish what you started and chrome that neck! It’s as easy as ordering it up and gettin’ er done.

driving lights BBP-63-205   Next you will want to lead that Chrome into the night so it is time to install a set of Driving Lights (Part # BBP-63-205). The powerful 3 1/2″ driving lights house a 55 Watt bulb capable of leading the pack into the night. On top of the stunning Chrome, there is a stylish Elliptical mounting bar giving you a very traditional look. Improving your visual footprint is more import now than it ever has been and these lights will post a strong horizontal light envelope. This not only allows you to see animals and items low in front of you, but to the sides also. This should let oncoming traffic get a better look at you too.

EngGuard BBP-63-603   Let’s shift gears if you will and look for some accessory that adds comfort to your motorcycle. How about physical comfort as well as peace of mind comfort? Let’s look at engine bars. Not only do they offer you a place to install highway pegs that ultimately let you stretch out and relax as you run down the road, they also provide some protection for your bike if it ever goes over on its side. Again Chrome is the preferred finish when it comes to most of these parts and these Highway Bars (BBP-63-603) are no different. Bolting to each side of the frame, they are relatively easy to install and anxiously await the addition of highway pegs. With a measurement of 1 1/4″ thick your choice of pegs and mounts is virtually endless.

   There you have it a Trio of accessories geared towards the V-Star owner. With Comfort, Safety, and Style covered in my presentation, I hope you found something you liked. From everyone here at K and G Cycles ( be safe and enjoy your travels.