Guardian Bells- Legends Behind the Tradition

You’ve probably heard many different versions of the guardian bell story. There are countless legends that feed into the tradition behind guardian bells. One legend says that gremlins, responsible for making bikers crash, ambushed a fallen biker. The man had toys in his saddlebags that he was planning on giving to his kids, but they spilled out during the fall. The only toy that fell near the man was a bell that he began to ring. Other bikers in a nearby town head the bell and came to his aid. They warded the gremlins off of the man. The biker was so grateful  for their help that he tore off tassels from his saddlebags and attached the remaining bells to the leather. He gave the bells to the men who helped him and told them to attach it to their bikes. If they needed help from the gremlins, they should ring the guardian bell as well. Another legend says that evil road spirits constantly work to put obstacles in front of bikers, even causing mechanical difficulties. The guardian bell will protect you because the spirits will get trapped inside. Then, they drive themselves mad with the constant ringing and eventually fall to the ground, causing potholes. Some say that guardian bells must be given as a gift and others say that they are effective if purchased for yourself or given as a gift. Some say that it is important that an experienced rider gives you the bell because their skill level is passed through the guardian bell as well. Whatever the case may be, guardian bells make a great gift to experienced and beginner riders alike. Check out some of our favorite guardian bells below.

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