Happy Father’s Day – Great gift ideas for Dad

It’s almost that time again. Time to tell the dads out there how much we appreciate their hard work, love, and dedication. Shopping for that special gift for dad can be tricky. Finding something unique, fun, and useful is no small task. Not to fear, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite gifts for you to give to that special guy.

Z-Calz Decal Magnetic Tool Box Labels

Available in 4 different colors, there magnetic labels easily attach to metal tool boxes and can be moved around. No more guessing which tool is where! These make dad’s life just a little easier. Prices vary depending on the size of the kit.

Reda Motorcycle Gas Can
saddlebag gas can
Ever wonder what you should do with that awkward amount of space left in the curve of the saddlebag? How about a Reda Motorcycle Gas Can! This little gem is shaped perfectly and will get you out of a jam. Never run out of gas again. Priced at $29.99, everybody should have one of these for long rides!

Cycle Source Magazine Subscription

Here is a gift that keeps on giving… well, for a year. For just $20.00 you can give that special someone a gift subscription to Cycle Source Magazine. A digital subscription is also available for the same price. Click here for more information or give us a call if you have any questions.

Embroidered Toilet Seat 

Have you seen a cooler gift idea? I mean, really?! How can you even compete with this? I have nothing more to say. Except that you’ll be dad’s favorite if you get him this. Only $39.99!

Cycle Shade Motorcycle Cover-Fits Most Motorcycles
cycle shade
What happens to leather seats when they sit out in the sun for hours? They become too hot to ride and weather quickly. This handy and compact product stretches over motorcycle seats to protect them from the elements and much more. Priced at $48.40! A small price to pay for dad’s comfort and happiness.

Bi-Focal Safety Reader Glass

Combine function and cool and this is what you get. These sunglasses are also bi-focal lenses . Now, dad can read the gauges and look out onto the open road without straining his eyes. Only $28.50!

Grenade Lock Green Universal 06-400

How cool and fun is this? This lock with protect your bike from possible theft and make a statement. The cool design and functionality make it a great gift for dad. This lock is designed to be mounted on a motorcycle’s ventilated front disc, this lock is equipped with a patented anti-drill proof lock tumbler mechanism and designed to foil the most diligent thief. This lock is offered in three different colors and each lock comes with two coded keys. Only $39.99!

German Dull Helmet With Y Straps

Does dad like old world styling? This helmet is a steal, priced at only $25.00. Protect his noggin in a hardcore way with this cool bucket.

1941 Knucklehead Bobber Kit, Chrome Footshift

Want to be dad’s favorite for life? Here’s the perfect gift! Guaranteed to make you the most talked up, bragged about, and adored son or daughter by your old man. All this can be yours for only $23577.99! Yes, it’s a big price to pay, but it’ll be worth it!

Let me know what you think! Will you be getting dad any of these gifts this year?