Hardly Davidson: a Bright Red Honda Story

Here on the Metric Motorcycle Blog we want to showcase rides and styles from all over the world. I’m choosing today to post up pics of my long-time love The Shadow.

This bike started out as a 1997 Honda Shadow 1100 ACE edition. This pic shows the same paint scheme including the whitewalls.

I bought it in 1999 and proceeded to run the wheels off the thing everywhere I went.

Then one evening riding a side-road around construction; a left turn and gravel on the intersection sent me down Hard!

Thankfully I was okay, but the bike had some serious bruises.

A few days later, I took it down to the local body shop where they knew a thing or two about customizing bikes. In fact owner, Dan Burnett, had some very cool products and projects in the works.

Turns out, he knew my Dad growing up and wanted to help out this kid and his smashed up bike. Lucky Me!

Dan’s ideas really were the driving force behind rebuilding The Shadow into the head-turner it became.

He just asked that I give him plenty of time and freedom to play with the thing and I would end up happy 🙂

Take a look at the transformation here.

Danny was already selling these custom FL style extended fiberglass fenders. He fitted up the front with little problem. The rear he had to split, widen and create a whole new mold, to accept the 180 rear tire.

Then after massaging the bashed up tank, he painted everything a Dodge Viper Red. Our local pinstripe guy put on the subtle red-orange color and hand-lettered the tank too.

Dan saw something in the lines and look of the Honda that has made it an eye catcher ever since.

The longshot pipes really sound good with the single-pin crank style of this Honda motor. It does shake and th-th-thump with a more characteristic sound than most rice burners.

Over the years I’ve heard all kinds of compliments and cases of mistaken identity. “Nice Harley” and “Isn’t that an Indian?” being the most common. Go Figure!

Thanks again Dan Burnette. From me and my Dad!

– Aaron Nichols
(your K and G Cycles online blogger guy)

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