Harley Davidson Museum – Collection X in Milwaukee

Lots of reports are coming out about the new exhibit in the Harley Davidson Museum – Collection X, the Weird Wild Wonders of Harley Davidson. This video shows just a few of the interesting items on display.


Here is more from the Harley website:

Special Exhibition: June 11 – August 21

See an exotic collection of motorcycling oddities in their natural habitat: the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From secret prototypes to fantastic folk-art creations to “What were they thinking?” contraptions, an amazing array of treasures from the world’s largest collection of Harley-Davidson materials will be on display for a limited time. You won’t believe your eyes!

With the opening of the Harley-Davidson Museum in 2008, the general public got its first glimpse of an unrivaled collection of motorcycles and motorcycling materials. But the museum is only able to show a small portion of this incredible collection at any one time. This summer, Collection X: Weird Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum gives us a chance to show a cross-section of other rare and wonderful pieces that the Harley-Davidson Archives has preserved for posterity.

The artifacts exhibited here for the first time run the gamut from experimental motorcycles that never made it to market to marketed products that seem downright odd to contemporary sensibilities. Featured displays also highlight individual creations demonstrating the ingenuity and passion of Harley enthusiasts. Some items document fascinating stories, others are completely mysterious. Together, they tell quite a tale.

Exhibit highlights include:

Vehicles – feats of engineering and ingenuity, fascinating novelties, and a variety of unique creations
Novelties – out-of-the ordinary merchandise and collectibles that highlight the broad range of both H-D branded and generally motorcycle-inspired products, from fishing lures to planters to coffee urns
Expressions of Devotion – Folk art and other individual expressions of the passion enthusiasts have for the sport of motorcycling and the Harley-Davidson brand
Amazing Assemblages – Artistic displays illuminating the variety and extent of the Harley-Davidson Archives collection
Weird Gear – Clothing and accessories from the functional to the purely fashionable
Did You Know? – objects that tell little-known stories from Harley-Davidson history, from lawnmower engines to rockets
Odd, Intriguing, and Mysterious photographs – highlights from the vast photographic archives
Guest Stars – a variety of strange vehicles, folk art, gear and memorabilia from other great collections

Displayed in The Garage on the Harley-Davidson Museum campus, the exhibit will cover approximately 8,000 square feet, and will include rare films and interactive displays.