Heat – It can ruin a ride, a track day, or rob performance!

As we get closer to the heat of summer, we find ourselves with more riding opportunities. Long weekend rides, week long vacations, and even track days for some. In any of those situations, one common denominator exists – Heat. For our body, heat feels good, to a degree. For our bikes, any heat over ideal operating temperature is bad, as it can make us experience uncomfortable temps, or have adverse effects on the motorcycle, and even rob us of power. None of this is very fun, and isn’t good for our beloved bike. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has a way to combat excessive heat and make the ride more enjoyable, as well as harvest the power you have beneath you. The Micro Louver Heat Shield from “Cool It Thermo Tech”.

thermo shield 95130This lightweight yet durable, aluminum Micro Louver Heat Shield features micro air louvers, which allow air to flow through the metal shield. The movement of the vehicle creates dynamic air flow, cooling by natural convection. The textured surface created by the micro air louvers creates more area for heat dissipation. One of the often chosen installation spots is under the seat. Since we sit directly over a “Hot” spot if you will, one of the most effective ways to reduce the temps you are exposed to is to create a barrier between you and the heat source. Adding a sheet of Micro Louver Heat Shield not only places a heat reflective source between you and the heat, is also has micro louvers that reduce heat build up by delivering a smoother path for air movement.

When too much heat is allowed to build up in a given area, it can be detrimental to your bike, and cause performance issues. Track days are a great way to hone your skills while having fun on a closed course. Track days have become increasingly popular as more and more performance bikes become available from the factories. Demanding our bikes run at the top end of the speedo and tach, it is no wonder they don’t melt us right then and there. Sometimes the level of heat is enough to start the fuel vaporizing and the oil to start boiling. This can lead to loss of power or even worse, engine failure.
Installation is fairly simple as The Micro Louver Heat Shield is flexible and yet extremely durable. So much, it bends and flexes easily by hand, making a custom fit trouble-free. This truly is the one beneficial modification you can do without any special tools. Contact K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) today and put an end to that hot seat.