Heated Grips are a Cool Accessory

   When I got my previous motorcycle, it came with a feature that I never knew I would come to appreciate. From the Factory, it had Heated Grips. No, I am not the guy you see in full on winter riding gear headed into the frozen tundra. I am however the guy that does ride in much cooler temps than most though. The first time I got to experience the heated grips, my wife and I were riding one evening in the county and hitting a lot of cooler bottoms. As we all know, something usually gets forgotten. That night it was my wife’s turn as she had forgotten her gloves. Being the nice guy that I am, I loaned her mine. Leaving me bare-fisted, I took the opportunity to turn on the heated grips for myself. Within seconds my hands were treated to a soothing warmth that made me an instant fan of heated grips. Now comes the bad news – after 3 years of ownership we traded to a H-D Touring bike. No, I don’t feel bad for the trade, what I do feel bad about is the fact I no longer have heated grips. Now I must turn to K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) to purchase a new set of heated grips for the new bike.

hd heated grips  On the list of the top contenders is Part # BBP-17-384, Comfort Heated Grips from Show Chrome Accessories. These grips are CNC finished for extreme durability and chrome plated for a first class look. By design they are also vibration dampening and are ergonomically designed with a convex profile to fit the cup of your hand. The symmetrical rubber design is more than good looks, it provides you with total grip comfort, reducing numbness, vibration and wrist fatigue in any position on the grip. Comfort Heated Grips are easy to install and utilize OEM throttle tubes. For the Comfort Heated Grips employ a variable position rheostat switch giving the rider ultimate control over the degree of warmth produced. The control switch for cruisers easily installs on any 1″ handlebar in a convenient position of the rider’s choice. Chrome Comfort Heated Grip will transform the way you think about heated grips. With such a low demand on your electrical system (current draw is rated at 2.7 – 3.2 amps on high) unless you turn them on, you will barely know they are there. For extra comfort on those long rides use the available Comfort Wrist Cruis (Part # BBP-17-379C) on the right or left side. For added convenience during installation, Grip Glue is included.

   In my opinion Heated grips are no longer just for “Geezer Glides”. I guarantee if you ever have a chance to use them, you will make sure you have them on every bike from here on out. So get a hold of K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and grab a set of these heated grips for your H-D and enjoy a new twist on riding comfort and a longer season.