Helmets: Which style is right for you?

No matter what you ride, there is a helmet out there that fills your needs. Helmets come in 3 basic styles Full Face, 3/4 Helmets, and Half Helmets and just about any color combination you can dream up. Today, I am going to showcase each design and some cool new features available on the Helmets we offer at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com).

HJC Black tibal modular HH-0840-1005-03 Let’s dive right in and head on over to the Full Face Helmets. Now you may ask yourself, “Is there really any difference from the new Full Face Helmets and they ones from 20 years ago? Really?”  I will answer that with a big fat YES! Though not necessarily “new” in design, many of the top manufacturers are offering Modular Helmets which with the press of a button allows the chin bar and face shield to move up and out of the way. This is especially nice when you have made a quick stop and want to talk to someone without taking off your helmet or if you want to get a refreshing drink. Another sweet little addition to Full Face helmets is the retractable sun shield. This is one of the best features to date because it benefits all of us, even cagers. Being able to deploy a sun shield with the swipe of a finger is great because:

*It allows those of us that wear glasses to have sun glasses as we ride.

* Provides us the right amount of sun screening giving us maximum vision so we are able to ride defensively, effectively.

*On warmer sunny days, the shield can be deployed while the face shield is raised allowing more air in, providing a cooler ride.

Full Face helmets afford the greatest amount of protection of all the helmets too. Additionally, almost all current production communication systems are designed to be installed in these helmets and offer the best overall user experience.

mat blk 34 HH-0833-0135-03 Next style coming down the pipeline is the 3/4 Helmets. Similar to the Full Face helmet, but lacking the chin bar and in many cases the face shield. A 3/4 helmet can allow those battling Claustrophobia the ability to ride with a helmet without feeling closed in since it is open in the front. As with the full face, many of the top manufacturers are offering models that include the retractable sun shields too. We often see passengers on Touring Class bikes wear the 3/4 helmets, and when asked why, several answered they have a better field of vision when gawking at the sights, and a 3/4 design allows more air movement keeping them cooler. This design also accommodates a wide range of communication devices from Factory units to Aftermarket ones and perform at unsurpassed levels.

black half helmetRounding out the group is the Half Helmets. By comparison, half helmets offer the least amount of coverage for the rider. On the other hand because they have an open face design, this style tends to keep the rider the coolest. As with the others, a handful of companies have available the drop down sun shield. Buyer beware, a large portion of the half helmets out there are not DOT/SNELL approved. Many designs are merely novelty helmets that offer no real protection during an accident. Choose wisely.

Helmets are a personal choice from wearing one or not, to the style,to the features desired. Here at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we want to assist you in determining your needs and the helmet best suited for you. Contact us today and protect your most valuable asset, your mind.