Hi-Tech Lighting Improves Visibility and Safety

    You just finished the last leg of a 2 week long trip, and because it is also “Construction Season” you were forced to extend your saddle time into the darkness. How much easier would those miles have been if you had L.E.D. Lighting on your motorcycle? L.E.D. lighting not only delivers a cleaner, brighter light, it also allows others to see you better. So you’ve determined LE.D.s are the way to go but don’t know where to start, what do you do? You call on your friends from K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com)  and have them help you choose the best set up for your bike. You will definitely want to take a look at what Kuryakyn has to offer.

   How would you like to Hd Lamps and passing lampsincrease your visibility and enhance your night time riding experience? You can with this DOT approved replacement for your halogen light! The new L.E.D. Headlamp (Part # TR-419210) produces light far superior to that of conventional halogen lamps, with a color temperature of 5,800K, closer to the color temperature of daylight providing better visibility. By using a complex reflector design it provides unmatched performance while providing the appearance of a traditional headlamp. The maintenance-free lamp uses a solid-state, bulb-free system that is impervious to damage caused by shock and vibration by using a military grade die-cast aluminum housing. In addition a non-yellowing polycarbonate lens and a scratch-resistant hard coating is employed to protect against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards. Overall it is an indestructible upgrade that will provide you more clean light, allowing you to see better after dark.

   Icomparisson shotn addition to the beaming, tough as nails L.E.D. headlamp, there are passing lamps (Part # TR-419211) available that offer the same great, durable construction as well as upgraded lighting. Delivering unsurpassed lighting, these passing lamps are a great addition to the L.E.D. headlights. When combined, these lights give you an incredible improvement over stock or even hi-output halogen bulbs. Another distinct advantage of using L.E.D. lights is the decreased demand on the electrical system, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements & extending alternator life. There is one foot note, those having 2004 and older bikes need to purchase adapter harness kit (TR-419397) for installation. These L.E.D. lights also come with a 3 Year Warranty, giving you piece of mind with your investment.

   Being able to see well at night is no laughing matter. Upgrade your lighting with L.E.D. Headlights and Passing Lamps from K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com)and take the guesswork out of nighttime riding. You’ll see better and be seen better.