Hitching the Wagon to the Horse = A whole new set of Circumstances

   It’s no secret, storage space on a motorcycle comes at a premium. Because of this, we often see small pull behind trailers employed to remedy that situation. Whether it is packing more for an extended trip, or pulling the accommodations along, towing a trailer with your motorcycle starts with installation of a good quality hitch available from your friends at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com).

To begin with, you need to seleharley-hitch-motorcycle-cam ct a hitch that has an application that fits your specific motorcycle. As hard as it is to believe, even being off 1 model year could mean you end up with a hitch that doesn’t fit correctly, has different weight ratings, and could ultimately end up causing you unexpected problems. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

Another piece to the puzzle is the wiring. Adding a harness, splicing it in, and routing it for  ease of use. For many, the wiring is outside our comfort level, so professional installation is the best bet. Again it is imperative to relay the correct year, make, and model of the tow vehicle as it will aid in choosing correct parts. Also you will want to let the installer know if additional electrical demands have been placed on the motorcycle charging system, i.e. L.E.D. lighting, accessory lighting, upgraded sound systems, etc… as installation of electrical load equalizers may need to be added.

Whatever you tow or tow with, it is always a good idea to have pre-trip inspections because towing applies different stresses and wear rates to the motorcycle. In addition handling characteristics change dramatically. The motorcycle inspection has a helpful acronym: T Clock

T – Tires and Wheels Front Rear

C – Controls

L – Lights and Electrical

O – Oil and Fluids

C – Chassis

K – Kickstand

This is an awesome pre-ride habit to get into that often catches issues before they become problems. It can be even more effective when pulling a trailer.

Inspection of the trailer is just as important as the motorcycle check. Below you will find some critical inspection points when preparing for your trip.

Look for tire problems:

  •     Check for PROPER tire pressure
  •     Mismatched tire sizes
  •     Cuts or other damage to tires

Look for wheel and rim problems

  •     Damaged rims or wheels
  •     Rust around wheel nuts – possible loose nuts
  •     Missing clamps, spacers, studs or lugs
  •     Mismatched, bent or cracked lock rings
  •     Wheels or rims that have been welded

Look for brake drum and shoe problems

  •    Cracked drums
  •     Shoes or pads with oil, grease or brake fluid on them
  •     Shoes worn thin, missing or broken

Look for suspension systems defect

  •     Cracked or broken spring hangers
  •     Missing or broken leaf springs
  •     Spring hangers that allow axle to move
  •     Broken leaves that might hit a tire or other part
  •     Leaking shock absorbers
  •     Axle positioning parts that are cracked, damaged or missing
  •     Frame members that are loose, cracked, broken or missing

   So you see, towing a trailer regardless of your tow vehicle (hitches are available for many Touring, Softtail ,as well as Trike models) is much more than hooking up and heading down the road. Let your friends at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) assist you in preparing your motorcycle become the work horse it can be. Hitches, wiring, and so much more, all at your finger tips, to get your rig set up right.