HJC has been keeping your Noggin Safe for Years

Today there are a lot of Helmet manufacturers to choose one and it can be daunting when it comes time to purchase. We like the fact that there are literally hundreds of options for new helmets, but we also like the companies that have stood the test of time. One such company is HJC Helmet Company and K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has been a retailer of them since we opened our “doors”. With the new season ready to spring on us, it is time to replacing your old helmet, getting a new one, or even if you want to update the style of your current model.

Zader helmet HH-0845-1104-03    Since many Metric Riders prefer a Full Face Helmet, I want to showcase one from HJC the CL Max II Zader. Covered in modern colors and graphics this model has features galore. This modular helmet’s shell is constructed of lightweight Polycarbonate as is the adjustable chinbar. Use of this material contributes to its decreased weight, provides a superior fit resulting in a more comfortable unit. For convenience, the chinbar has a single release button that is even able to be operated while wearing gloves. Other highlights of this helmet is a Faceshield that delivers 95% UV protection. Also if you need to replace the Faceshield a propriotary system allows you to do so without any tools. Many people have concerns about  Full Face helmets becoming hot, and HJC has spent many long hard hours developing their ventilation system tagged “ACS” or Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. This design offers full flow through venting front to rear to remove built up heat and humidity out of the helmet. Keeping with the theme of keeping you cool, HJC employs advanced Bioceramic Nylex material which is an effective anti-bacterial moisture wicking material. It can also be removed and is completely washable.

Now is a great time to examine your helmet for age, defects, scars and more. It is also the time to decide if you need to get a new helmet for your new bike. The HJC CL MAX II Zader, available in a wide range of solids and multi-color versions, a modular helmet ready for you. Contact K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) today and get yours before they are all gone.

*Remember – Never ride with your chinbar in the raised position.