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Recently American Honda has introduced another round of new 2014 models, adding to their lineup the Interceptor and Interceptor Deluxe, CBR650F, CB1100 and CB1100 Deluxe, and the Repsol Edition Montesa Honda Cota 4RT trials bike. K and G Cycles ( is always happy to share with you anything new on 2 wheels. If you’ve been waiting for the time to buy a new Honda, it just might be now!

Interceptor ($12,499) and Interceptor Deluxe ($13,499):Honda has revamped the Interceptor image, offering two versions of the sportbike, which has a single-sided swingarm and an upright riding position. The seat is adjustable, though only by 0.8 inches. The 782cc engine has updated fuel-injection mapping for better torque, and the radiator sits up front to provide a slimmer profile. The Deluxe model includes ABS, traction control, grip heaters, self-canceling turn signals and a center stand. Both models, which come in red or pearl white, will show up in dealerships in May.

CBR650F ($8,499-8,999): One of this year’s all-new models, the CBR650F has a 649cc inline four engine and is designed to be more comfortable for commuting and long hauls than a traditional sportbike. Honda has not yet announced any numbers, but they are already touting the CBR650F as an incredibly fuel-efficient motorcycle. The base model does not include ABS, so it is included on the model that comes with the higher, $8,999 price tag. Color options are red, candy blue, matte black and metallic, and Honda also says there will be a long list of accessories available when the bike debuts in the summer of 2014.

CB1100 ($10,399) and CB1100 Deluxe ($11,899): The CB1100 goes for retro appeal, and Honda is promoting it as the modern reincarnation of the iconic CB750. It now has a six-speed transmission (it has had a five-speed in the past) and an updated system that keeps track of MPG, trip details and gear position. In addition to more perks, the CB1100 Deluxe is also designed to feel even more retro. It boasts ABS, a larger fuel tank that carries half a gallon more than its counterpart, a four-into-two exhaust, a retro-styled seat and new side covers. The CB1100 comes in black only, while the Deluxe model is a bright candy red. Both models will be available in March.

Montesa Honda Cota 4RT Repsol Edition ($8,999): Coming in May, the limited-edition Cota 4RT Repsol Edition is a Montesa trials bike powered by a Honda 260cc engine. The competition bike has electronic fuel injection and a decompression system that reduces engine braking, making the four-stroke motor perform more like a two-stroke. Showa suspension and extra-wide footpegs are other notable features. The bike is also included in the Honda Racing Contingency Program for 2014.

 – Media images courtesy of Honda America –