Honor Respect Remember

traveling wallHonor – Respect – Remember, 3 words that should always be used when speaking of those that have sacrificed their life in the name of freedom. Those words also represent the goal of a group dedicated to bringing communities together for the sole purpose of educating us about the cost of Freedom. American Veterans Traveling Tribute(AVTT) has a core belief that American Heroes need to be remembered and honored for their service and sacrifice.  By bringing our National Monuments to those who are unable to make the journey, they have the ability to pay their respects and honor those who gave their lives so we can know freedom. AVTT has a traveling Vietnam Wall display that is the largest traveling display to date and is the highlight of AVTT’s “Cost of Freedom Tribute”. The traveling wall is 80% of the actual monument with each and every name included. The great thing about this traveling display is you can schedule it to come to your community to be the the main attraction of your event to bring awareness to your local Vietnam Veterans, act as an anchor for fund raising for their causes, and even serve as a Welcome Home event. As many of us know, the motorcycling community is never afraid to show just how big of heart they have and their love of America so it is no surprise the traveling wall is escorted to every destination by typically no less than 500 motorcycles. Keep in mind this is not a “Paid Ride” and all of the riders are making time to be involved. They don’t get a shirt for participating, no hat or other swag, the pride in bringing the traveling wall in to its local destination is what they reap. One of my co-workers had the opportunity to escort the wall into Clarksville, IN with a group of family and friends, he came home with a feeling of pride in our fellow man after seeing the turn out not only in the amount of bikers, but the supporters on the side of the route. Commenting how well organized an event the escort was is a testament to the the folks at AVTT, “Everything went off with out a hitch and with that many bikes, that is no small feet.” Let’s take a moment and applaud the fine folks at AVTT for their efforts in bringing such a magnificent display to the masses. Keep in mind AVTT relies on sponsorshp fees, donations , and merchandise sales to deliver this tribute to your backyad, so there are event volunteer opportunities.  Now you may ask “What if I can’t ride in the escort?” You are always welcome to come down and see the display, which has daily and nightly events scheduled as well as name locators and merchandise for sale.  If you would like to find out how you can host the Traveling Tribute, contact American Veterans Traveling Tribute via the internet, phone, Facebook, or even speak with them at an event.

Vietnam Traveling Wall Fun Facts:

  • 80% replica Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall (360ft long/8ft tall at apex)
  • Flag display flown over the wall (14)
  • 3 – 2 sided 24”x36” A-Frames- 2 Wall Informational Panels/4 Vietnam Timeline Panels
  • Tribute arrives in a 24’ car hauler trailer, graphically wrapped and is part of the overall visual aesthetics. It is a central location for merchandise sales and name locator.
  • Name locator- We provide a disc with the database as well as 2 hard copy wall books for looking up names on the wall.

Website – American Veterans Traveling Tribute

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Veteran-Traveling-Tribute-The-Traveling-Wall-AVTT/109286472550