Hot Pipes? Cool Em’ Down for the Kids Sake

I can remember the lessons learned with burns on the inner thigh courtesy of a Honda Trail 70 on a summer day. Shorts = Bad Idea!

Well through modern day technology, a new product promises to drastically drop the touch-temp of metal exhaust systems. A great idea for your kid’s dirbike or ATV, although the leg-burn was somewhat of a badge of honor back in the day!

Nansulate® Cool Ride Technology is designed to Put the Frost on Your Exhaust.

Our newly patented Cool Ride Technology is a one-of-a-kind protective coating that can be easily applied to motorized vehicles of any kind to reduce the surface temperature of exhaust pipes and lower the risk associated with skin contact. Whether you’re protecting yourself, your passengers, or safe guarding your child’s new motorized vehicle, you can be sure that Nansulate┬« Cool Ride will drastically improve the safety of your bike, and reduce the likelihood of a serious burn. Use it on the back end exhaust pipe, or on the forward feeding lines to make sure to avoid an unwanted accident that could result in a bad burn, trip to the emergency room, or even worse, long lasting scars and plastic surgery. Through our Cool Ride brand, we are committed to providing a quality product that will make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Engineered at the Nano-Scale, our patented formula is a safe, easy-to-apply insulation that can be used to prevent the next serious exhaust burn accident.

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