If you Love Her, You’ll get her The Right Gear

   Whether you are a rider or passenger, ladies need a good quality riding gear that fits correctly and provides protection. All too often we see the ladies on bikes wearing a a mans jacket or a regular jacket both offering little to no protection other than temperature and bugs. The typical response is “I don’t ride very often.” or “That stuff is way too expensive.” and even “He doesn’t wear this anymore so it will work.” All these comments show people have minimal knowledge when it comes to leathers or riding gear.

unik ladies leather   K and G Cycles is here to help select the right jacket for you. Regardless of the amount you actually ride, you owe it to yourself to have a jacket that fits as it should and offers you outstanding protection. You may not realize it but if you are wearing a jacket that is even 1 size too big you are prone to more fatigue from the jacket movement in the wind. It will in a sense beat you without you knowing, causing muscle fatigue and wearing you out quicker. Another distinct advantage to a properly sized motorcycle jacket is if it has armor the protective pads will be in the right place to give you the best protection should you ever call on it. As you know, a lot of motorcycle jackets are made of leather because of its durability, cost effectiveness, and versatility. Leather can withstand almost anything thrown at it, is very customizable, and offers a substantial amount of protection in a fairly lightweight package.

Take for example Unik Leathers Women’s Naked Cowhide Classic Vented Jacket. This leather jacket not only looks great with its classic lines, but it has many great features you want in a jacket.

  • Zip out liner, making this a more versatile multi-season jacket.
  • 2 Front pockets with zippers, keeping smaller items secure.
  • 2 inside zippered pockets for even more small item storage.
  • Vented back for increased temperature control.
  • Front and side laces.

This is just one fine example of the many ladies jackets offered by K and G Cycles. Check out the great deals available and pick up a jacket that fits you and your style. See the difference the right fit makes for your ride.